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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 5, 2009 7:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning, a fire killed hundred people. we have the story coming up. >> and the amanda knox is sentenced to 26 years behind bars and how her parents are reacting from the news and a live report from italy. >> and a woman gives birth to a baby on the plane. not snakes. but a incredibly a doctor was on board. our slogan come lucille. clayton, dave and alley. they don't dally.
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they bring us news and they bring us cheer. >> we love massachusetts >> the massachusetts town you don't know. you have to sort it out. >> i lived there four years and you never know. >> worcestor and manna can an. >> and i am guessing. there is a town in massachusetts that is sounding like a bad word so i am not going to say it. >> you have a filter? >> i do. i know. >> there is yet more tiger woods' news. another woman has come forward reporting she had a long-term affair with the golfer. >> we have heard this before. >> it is dejavuall over again. we'll tell you about this and all of the latest tiger woods' info. >> and a lot happening on obviously health care and busy
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today on capitol hill. the senate gets ready to debate the health care amendment. that starts at 10:00. a lot of u news coming out with the job numbers. he puts it in context. when i first came to office we were hemoraging 700,000 jobs a month and now we are down to 11,000. >> i guess it is putting in context. i get tired of plaming the past. we understand it is the worst economic recession since the great depression . the numbers are positive and unemployment rate is down to 10 percent and the economy shed 11,000 jobs. it does appear that this thing may have bottomed out if that is the news we are looking for. >> let's from the president what he said in pennsylvania. >> today's report is a hopeful
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sign that the steps we took. difficult steps have helped to turn the tide. we have more to do before we can celebrate. >> indeed we do and that work is happening on capitol hill . we are talking about health care. it is really hard to know exactly what the unemployment numbers are going to be while health care reform is hammered out. with this new health care reform, plans from the house and senate, in fact unemployment may go up. in fact, there is a new survey outback consulting firm called mercer. they found if the cadillac plans pass and if you have to honor the highest paid plans, many firms would have to layoff people. snerks or lower cost plans and 75 percent was raise deductibles and co-payments.
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basically passing on to their employees . they would have to stop to fha's. >> two-thirds of the business would shed jobs if the cadillac tax is included. if your benefits are worth more than 23,000 as a couple or 8500 as an individual you have a cadillac plan. you may not know it and you have to ask your insurance company if you have one. kindergarten and lower income employees who make $30,000 or $40,000. they will be taxed on the new plan. >> climate gate. as the emaims cause controversy . the president making his appearance on climate reform . now the question from conservatives in hollywood. wait. >> we located them and they
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are going on blogs talking about this. should al gore who won his oscar for inconvenient truth, should he lose his acodemy award as the e-mails are revealing sketchy science. there is no smoking gun here, but a view is called for in washington. >> two conservative screen writers believe that gore should give back his oscar. that's what they are asking to do. they think his movie is founded on bogus information. al gores had mot commented, but he cancelled his speech that was planned in copenhagen. >> when you are a conservative in hollywood you are not afraid to do unprecedented
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things. the story is slowly leaking out. one of the biggest arguments in man made global warming. they cooked the books and silenced the critics. reading the la television news watching world has not learned about the climate gate scandal and it is not mentioned on any network except one, odd. >> americans are not convinced that man made global warming is occurring. but the other side of the argument is people who say these e-mails might reveal. something is happening, whether or not it is man made and how much we control it there is no smoking gun. but whether or not they need a review of this and find out who is trying to hide the science. >> i have heard it on other networks it is trickling out slowly. i watched it on nbc . in the meantime, a update on
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amanda knox. an italian jury found amand knox guilty of murdering her british roommate and sentenced her to 26 years behind bars. amanda's parents plan an appeal. here is more of the emotional testimony and what led to the verdict. was this a surprise in italy her guilty verdict? >> it was coin toss last night. no body really knew what would happen. even the people who followed it closely from day one. you could not tell. it was a long night and the verdict coming down after midnight and amanda knox found guilty and sentenced to 26 years in prison for the death of her roommate, the trial began back in january and first she sobbed and crying uncontrolably as she left the courtroom.
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jam packed news conference with the family, parents and brothers and sister of meredith. they are remained silent throughout the trial. they do remember who is missing and one brother said it is not a day to be happy. >> ultimately we all place the decision. but it is not fun celebration at the end of the day or a moment of triumph . as we said before. we are all gathered here because our was brutually murdered and taken away from us. >> now finally, guys, the knox family will appeal and we expect the tril to continue in the italian legal system . one other place where it started is out there in the
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brogosphere. people who are convinced she is guilty and others thinking she is railroaded by the italian. >> even she change would her story during the course of the investigation. but thank you and we'll check back in with you. and it is going to cost the knox family. seven and half million going to the victim's family from amanda and her former boyfriend. >> oh, my goodness. the appeals' process begins. >> we start with a fox news alert. indoor pyrotechnics are to blame for a fire that killed 103 people that happened in russian stay. it pun out of control because of the plastic ceiling. majority doid from burns and smoke. many others were trampled over
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by people rushing to the exit. so tragic. >> u.s. afghan troops moting with little resistance after launching the first offensive. 1,000 marines and afghan groups are taking part in operation cob raanger. their mission is to disrupt taliban sploy and communication lines in the valley. retchalations that he was involved with his gerl friend when he nominated her for girlfriend -- nevada. he with draw when they decided to live together in washington. >> sarah palin is getting a warm welcome from fans in a book sign nothing fort hood. 1200 people signed up to get
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her book going rogue . part of palin's national book selling tour comes a month after the nasty shooting. show plans to royalties at the fort hood top to the families of the victims. >> houston gets hammered by sleep and snow . earliest snowfall area. some areas got five inches. the snowfall marked only the third time it snowed in houston since 1885. what is going on in houston in >> it is great if you want christmas spirit. you get snow and back down to degrees. >> people commenting it is going to snoy here? >> it might. stand back, clayton and watch this. and in texas, we have cold air and freeze warnings in the
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gulf and texas and toward florida. southern end of the same system is bringing tornado concerns in effect until 9:00 a.m. local time. >> we have rain on the coast and back side of this is colder air ask snow and mountains in north georgia . southern appalachians. we start off with rain on the coast and probably see this quickly turn to snow in the nation's capitol. one-three inches or so . move up to six inches of snow and worcestor hills. we say it twice. winter storm watches and warnings in the high are elevations and throughout the overnight hours and much colder air moves in for tomorrow. >> there you go. >> all right. let's talk now about the photothat you've probably seen of this man on american airlines flight out of the san
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francisco. he appeared to be taking up a feet and half or two in the aisle. faa said no rules were violated and fox news poke to the man. >> american airlines can't verify it was taken on our flight. it was posted on an airline blog . i read those airline blogs. who knew there was one? it was posted on there. and american airlines can't confirm it. but it is a safety hazard to have anyone in the aisle. that is a violent of that already. >> we know it is a real photoand he sat in that seat for seven hours. but he's not displeased or angry with the airline. he said american airlines offered him a seat in business class but that would make him more squurbed.
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he could raise the arm rest that made it slightly more comfortable. >> he was not sitting on an arm rest. said he would sit for a second seat. >> a woman gives birth at 30,000 phot. hear from the doctor that performed the amazing delivery, coming up a few minutes.
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>> more mistresses coming out in the tiger woods' scandal. tmz said a fourth mistress claimed to have an affair with the golf tar and another woman linked to the golf star claims she was with woods in early november. >> we are joined by life and style weekly reporter. julie, nice to see you. >> four this morning reporting from tmz. unbelievable. taliqua you spoke to what did she say. >> she works in las vegas and taking care of the vip clientele .
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she and tiger woods have been in a friendly romantic relationship for months if not over a year. >> and this is going on a few weeks. >> she spent the night in his total in the weekend. >> she is i don't want to glorify her. she is not -- she didn't come seeking attention for this. her friends outed her. did her friends give you a sense of what she was after. just the celebrity aspect she was after or why? >> he is a handsome guy and she got to know him well. >> she said when you spoke to her. it is not appropriate for me to comment. this time i am choosing to focus on my job. how did this come out in what kind of friends are these?
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>> they are interested in a good story. life and style received a lot of tips from work associates and friends this tathis is going on. >> you anticipate more will come forward. >> i think absolute low. if there is already four more will come out of the wood work. >> the fourth was in his home state and hometown. it was not yust when he was traveling around the country. >> what is the damage. you think tiger woods bounces back. >> i think because he is not choosing to speak out and he's not getting as much heat. it is up to him whether he speaks out or focuses on his golf. if he chooses to keep to himself it will blow over quicker. >> julie from life and tile weekly, we appreciate it. >> it is a rare weekend of work for senators on capitol
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hill. sun coming up and they are getting down to business on health care overhaul. a live report coming up. >> remember the girl who couldn't stop sneezing? >> yes. how could you forget. is that a sneeze or what? >> she gets an official diagnosis and what caused her to sneeze next. >> could hollywood's hottest couples on the rocks? brad-jolina. the author of brad-jolina, the untold story straight ahead.
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>> parents listen to this shocking statistic. estimated 6,000 to 8000 children die of sudden cardiac problems each year. there should be routine cardiac exams for all six graders. thanks for being with us. in houston, dollars randomly locked at 100 young kids. >> half of these kids were obese. epidemic. make it a problem like sixth graders are exploding in to exercise. that's what you want to attack something . i told you before. you can screen kids before they are born.
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do a ecocard gram of the heart before the baby is born to catch it early. 35,000 case was congentital heart decose. >> you are saying if the mother in utero heart got a screening of the heart we could prevent some of the deaths. >> why wait to sixth grade and when they do the study for a lot more kids and they are going to do a study on 1500 kids, it is not five or six or sen in a hundred. but still it is a big thing to know issue be concerned about. >> speaking of exercise for all ages. a new study shows that vigorous exercise. we know that it keeps you healthy and extends your life but we didn't know it allows you to look user. >> this is a cells under the
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microscope for tech no geeks like clayton. a tell ometer. it predicts the cell is more vibrant . car on the highway burns a lot of bad tough out. same with the body it keeps the cells from aging. >> does it make you look better on the outside, too. i am more interested on the heart and lungs. but good exercise is good to keep you younger. >> i will try it. >> we know a strange story of the girl who sneezed a 12,000 a day. there is a diagnosis and a treatment. >> this is disturbing. everything is connected. what happens a bacteria that is step ocacus can trigger an
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immune response in the dead. you get obsessive compulsive behavior. i don't want people out there to think they are going to start sneezing 1 -- 12,000. it is psychiatric but triggered by medical. >> does she go to a psychiatrist or antibotic. >> she does both. proper use of antibotic get rid of the bacteria and then psychiatric will test the obsessive behavior. i don't think we realize how many infections that we are not treating fully. >> maybe it is connect to attention deficit disorder. >> that is for sure . terrets is a lack of ambition. you can do damage to the brain on the neurological side and it could be medical and we have to look at it that way. >> thank you.
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coming up. tv news man tom brokaw is involved in a car crash . >> baby born at 30,000 feet in the air. how did the doctor manage the delivery midflight?
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>> welcome back. i am getting all of my papers in order for a saturday session. >> a rare saturday weekend here. >> it is not rare for us it is rare on capitol hill. senators on capitol hill this morning trying to reach an agreement on health care overall . molly is working weekends and how it could impact your insurance plan. good morning to you melanie. they will debate health care today and tomorrow.
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harry reid wants it passed before the end of the year even if he works seb days a week. there is great concern in america about the regidity of the grid lock that is present in the congress of the united states and in the senate. both sides are in the process of offerings amendment to the 2000 page bill. but only two issues have been tackled so far. expanding women's health screening and medicare. they need 60 votes and remain stalled over the two biggest issues that are controversial in the beginning. so moderate democrats oppose the so-called public option. blanch lincoln is threatening
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to block any bill containing it. >> i have been very clear. i don't support a government option that is government funded or run and puts the taxpayers at risk in the long run. >> so far there is no agreement on alternative like allowing state to opt in or out . having a public option kick in if private companies fail to reach bench marks for coverage. >> check your local listings. >> i do have other headlines. >> news anchor tom brokaw ask his wife are okay after they were involve indeed a deadly car accident. he was on the buckener expressway when a woman driving an suv lost control causing a mail truck to veer inside his car. driver of the suv was thrown
7:34 am
from her car and off of the expressway. the brokaws released a statement that they are greatly saddened by her death. >> lawmakers seeking reprieve for three navy seal. one punched him after arrest ambush killing of the u.s. contractors in iraq. others are accused of falsifying statements. republican congressman said prosecuting three seals seems to us to be an over's reaction by the command. they could have one year confinement if found guilty. >> officials in arkansas and washington are painting fingers over who is over the release of maurice clemens. plan to keep him behind bars was failed because of arkansas's refusal to take him
7:35 am
back. he had a long list of crimes. clemons gunned down 4 officers in lakewood, washington inside a coffee shop one week ago. we'll talk to governor mike huckabee about that. and surveillance video of this van colliding with a thraid rain and then the van is wrapped around the pole. the van may have ran a red light. three people were injured in the charge. >> talk about positive news. so you are on a flight and someone called out and yells is there a doctor on board. what is going on. i have been on a flight like that and someone hops up. but expect to have a woman about to give birth on a flight from chicago to salt lake city and had to be diverted to safe- dave's
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hometown. >> in regard to a plane. anything odd in that region and it goes to denver. flight divert friday salt lake to denver. they reported that the woman was giving birth. john theron was a doctor and on board the flight and he along with nurtses deliver a baby boy who is doing well this morning. the doctor tied the cord with a shoe lace poke with reporters after touching down in salt lake. >> normal delivery and mom was great and staff is great. i pulled a shoe string out of my shoe and so the baby has the shoe string around the umbilical cord . we had taken care of that. and paramedics were great in denver. they came on board and i
7:37 am
understand mom and baby are doing fine. >> i am confused by a couple of thingings. >> a shoe lace. is that higenic. what are you doing? >> i don't know. is there anything else that came in a wrapper. mcgiver . also you are not suppose to fly after 30 weeks. i remember my doctor wouldn't let me fly 30 weeks. what she ting . >> it adds additional pressure on the stomach. i don't know much about reperduction. >> what if you go in labor. >> let's just appeal to the mom. mom, if you are out there give us a call and we would like to hear from you. why were you fly how is the baby doing. i don't know if they are in aurora, colorado or gone to
7:38 am
salt lake city. >> were you disregarding your doctor's orders? that's what i would leak to do. >> i think southwest will give free flights. >> you know they will run a commercial like they always domp >> tom brady, little bilt of for the patriots quarterback. >> why they lost to the saints in >> they have had trouble on the road. >> personal life things are going well . his wife, fabulous super model is expecting his baby . very being what this couple has done and later i will tell you what my husband and i have done. >> what is the dole. >> tom brady knows the sex of the baby that is expected. giselle doesn't know the sex. he loves knowing something that no one else knows whampt is the point? usually the point is to buy the blew or pink clothes and decorate the nursery.
7:39 am
what will he do with the nugget of knowledge that is bound to fail . someone will say. >> he doesn't want to know. she wants to enjoy the surprise. i felt the same way . as an adult you don't have presents. you know what you want for christmas. >> you don't get surprises anymore. >> i kept the secret from not only my husband but myself. i walked around with an envelope with a doctor had written the sex of our twins. i had two sets of surprises. i wanted to do it on christmas with my husband . i had it from october and on christmas eve we opened to learn the sex of our twin girls. >> you you had it in the huge mammoth of the purse. >> it would be possible. >> stuck to certs. >> people were going let me
7:40 am
open it . let me see. how can you keep the secret. i think she will fine out before. >> do you think it will work. we'll read those later in the program . later to rick who has a check of the weather. >> alyson. be honest. you didn't know you were pregnant. >> that was a big surprise . >> a lot of surprises involved in my pregnancies. >> take a look at the weather picture. there is a lot going on. we have a first winter storm that we are going to deal with. we have winter storm warnings in effect in parts of the mountains of virginia and over toward west virginia and down in the souther know appalachians and dealing with snow this afternoon and overnight tonight . woolsee much colder air filtering in by the time we get to the day tomorrow . we'll talk colder air coming
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up . a lot of the country dealing with winter and first plowable snow storm. back to you guys. >> coming up on the show and she was sentenced to 26 years behind bars for killing her british roommate. >> did the jury get this one wrong? and can she appeal. >> holiday tree removed from the school because it is too religious. >> isn't christmas a religious holiday in and what is religious about trees? that whole debate coming up.
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>> well, amanda knox, she was the exchange student. she was found guilty of murdering her british roommate and sentence to 26 years in italian prison. we know this could have gone either way. press at italy painted her as a ang and he will at times a demon. much was made about the lenth hour appeal where amanda knox told her story. but she didn't cry during that
7:45 am
or show much emotion . we wonder if that affected the outcome. >> it could have affected the out come. it started last january . the fact she was found guilty. her attorneys have 45 days to appeal. it will cost more than a million to go through the appeals and may not happen until next fall. the judge has 90 days to post a statement as to where he the other judge and six jurors came to the final conclusion and why they are moving forward with the conviction. >> the judge will come out and hopefully make a statement. has the jurors come out as they do in the u.s. trials after the verdict. >> i am sure they will.
7:46 am
but they have held back from the media. also we did learn that amanda knox's parents will face charges . we learned that on november 26th and liable for speaking out to a british publicication. that their daughter was mistreated early on the in the process. when she was being questioned and not begin an attorney and yelled at and all sorts of things. >> we'll talk about how it is different had she been tried in the united states. much . dna evidence on which she was convicted was tainted and sloppy police work. would this have been thrown out in a u.s. court in >> quite possibly. i think a lot of things. and amanda made a statement she covered her years when she
7:47 am
heard screaming in her ear. in the united states that is deemed a mistrial. >> she got 26 years . >> she could have gotten more. >> she was 26 . her boyfriend at the time 25 years . the amount of time that the defendant should receive . it has to be a majority. five or more. and the fact she was not given more may work in favor at this point. >> and lean mccarty was abducted and taken to italy. and the rules of why this
7:48 am
abducted child not returned to the u.s. are different in italy. are the rules in the amanda knox case different? did different things apply in italy. >> they do function. more than in the united states. being able to speak or not speak. and the amount of time. she was held almost two years and you have to figure she was serving time as a criminal for a crime she was not convicted of until she was just convicted late last nigh thankfully in the united states we have a justice system that functions in favor. if you are guilty this is the
7:49 am
way it is right. >> and thanks for coming on with an update. >> thank you, have a good day. >> brad pitt and angelina jolie may not be as perfect as they look. shock. their relationship is in big trouble apparently. the author of brad-jolina is here with the inside. there are allegations of cheating.
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>> the love between bradpit and angela. over in 18 months. and he said he can prove it. he is the author of the untold story. nice to see you. >> you delve into serious dirt. you know these goys really well. what is the real story. they are going to break up in 18 months. >> by all accounts there is a lot of dissension in the household . no one knows what is going on. i was able to get access to all the key parties in the inner circle. they are great people. they have amazing careers. the fact is, they are incompatible and right now
7:54 am
there is a time line as to when they will break up. but there is six kids involved and they have to do this properly and i hope they work out an arrangement that is beneficial to the kids. >> there will be a plot line that angelina spins about the break up. we'll hear she tired of brad pitt's drug use? >> let me put it clear. angelina jolie is not evil. he always comes out on top. she hooked up. remember that oscar kiss. she was black listed in hollywood. one thing that is tainto in hollywood is incest . you saw her hook up with billie bob thornton. that a total sham. she spun stories about their incredible sex life and it was total bs and only to make sure everyone forgets about james
7:55 am
haven. we have never seen her and haven appear in public again. she hooked up with brad pitt. she was labeled a home wrecker and she cleverly did was leak stories to the medianison didn't want to have kids. the truth is what? she was building a nursery. i take my hat off to jenanis ston. she never belittled the couple. she was devastated. she had her husband snatched from her and handle today in a classy. in the end angie will be out on top because she is hollywood is all-time spin doctor. >> does brad have a drug problem. >> he smokes a lot of pot. i don't think he will have to get in rehab soon. but it could be his ahabits.
7:56 am
she is a responsible mother and a great humanitarian. and his frends have spoken to you . they are concerned about his health. >> they are concerned about his well being. if you lock at a photoof him four years ago and photoof brad it is apple and oranges. he looked worn out and nervous. angelina jolie is a tough cookie and she calls every shot in the relationship and it has too much for brad. he had no idea what he was originally getting in bed with. >> it said that the sexual attraction brought these two together. they were passion 18-20 hours a day. >> electricity. angela jolie roped him in because ofantics in the bedroom. >> 18 hours do you eat? >> you know what? she is the circus sole in the
7:57 am
bedroom. she has had a lot of lesbian encounters. the fact is about angie i do respect. but i do disrespect the way she trashed her father. she thanked him profusely and turned around and said he is a terrible father. the man is incredible and she should apologize to the media and voght. i have interviewed everyone who saw him raising the children and he was the greatest father you could imagine. >> if it were up to me. i would cancel everything and just talk to you. thank you so much. >> check it out. and white house exerting scoutive privilege.
7:58 am
didn't president bush get a lot of flack for doing the same thing. >> right before he kissed his new bride, a room pulled out his phone and tweet. we expect the newly weds coming up on more "fox and friends" >> how romantic. >> my hero.
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>> good morning, everybody. it is saturday december 5th. chaos in a night club fire as it killed 100 people. that story coming up. and yet, another woman coming out of the wood work saying she also had an affair with tiger woods . is the pro golfer's wife paid off to becomely stay in the marriage? >> wood work, i like that. >> and plus, a christmas tree removed because it is too religious. isn't christmas kind of a religious holiday last time we checked? >> you are watching fox and friend and i imagine that tree is in question. our slogan frajanine in sarasota, florida. morning already. one thing is steady my friends at fox on my tv box. ♪ >> good morning,
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>> hey, good morning, thank you so much for joining us. we have a lot to talk about today. you are fondling something. >> it is a gadget. coming up in 30 minutes from now. best gadget for dads and kids. this tv box. changed my life this year. it is something you are salivating like crazy. >> salivating. >> doesn't look exciting. but wait until you see how it workings. >> i can't wait to talk to this couple. i don't know if you saw the video. a young man on the altar saying i dos. he pulls out the phone and he tweets and he just got married and updates his facebook status has been a big hit on youtube. we'll talk to the couple live in just a bit. >> meanwhile, on a much, much serious note. tell you approximate that the
8:03 am
death tollthat is continuing to rise because of fireworks. dana lewis is live in moscow where the tragedy took place. what happened, dana? >> it took place in perm. 250 miles east of moscow. 109 dead and 130 in the hospital and many people in critical condition. that death tollwill likely rise . the russian president furious today . with official in perm. he wants the owners of the club punished and they have mow brains and no conscious. that is a quote. what was supposed to be the eighth anniversary of a club called the lame horse turned into mass panic. this video taken after three fireworks fountains ignite the ceiling and panic spreads and 200 people in the club are told to leave.
8:04 am
many are trampled and die of smoke inhalation as the smoke went. announcer said ladies and gentlemen leave the club we are on fire. if it was not for my husband i would be head. one exit they broke the doors and panic set n so much smoke, i couldn't see. bodies were stacked outside of the club . emergency minister of russia saying that the club had been fined twice for violating fire regulations and the next inspection was supposed to be on monday. guys, you know, he didn't say why it was not closed down. that is a question. if they are n in violation so many timings. club owner and director ared are arrested and they were picked up trying to least town in their car today. >> back to you. >> how tragic. dana lewis. eerie similar to the fire in
8:05 am
rhode island. let me tell you what else is happening. more breaking new. amanda knox's father said he plans to fight on for his daughter after the american college student was convicted of murdering her roommate in italy. knox's italian ex-boyfriend was also convicted and sentenced to 25 years. upon hearing the jury verdict knox began weep said no. no. prosecutor were speaking life in prison. >> president obama reassures americans that he is concentrating on providing more jobs. in the weekly radio address he defends his efforts to strengthen the economy and said things could be much worse. >> it is true that we in a country are in a different place than we were in 2009. because of the recovery act, we are no longer facing the
8:06 am
potential collapse of our financial system or second great depression. >> job losses in the u.s. have been the worse since 1930. >> two hours from now senators will get to work. they are cracking down on the trillion dollar health care plan. harry reed ed wants lawmakers to vote on senator lincoln's demand which has health health for companies . >> and fine that school officials could have given warnings sooner. college administrators warned their own familis and ordered the president's office to be locked before the rest of the campus was known. a virginia tech spokesman said it was never locked despite instructions to do so. sarah palin getting a warm welcome from fan in fort hood. 1200 people showed up it was
8:07 am
part of her national book signing tour. her book comes after a mass shooting left 13 people dead. she plans to donate the royalties to the families -- at the book stop to families of the shooting. >> do you play golf. >> what do you yell when someone is about to be hit. >> i am terrible. look out. fore. it appears that is the number of mistress says tiger woods ask up to. a fourth woman came out in the orlando, area and lawyered up. this one is in his home base. we thought it was just when he was traveling around in tournaments and appearances that he was fooling around. he's been doing it three years and even in the home base we don't know her name. >> it is always the hostess, club hostess.
8:08 am
vip, cocktail server. it is all a particular genre that he found appealing. and a lot of these people are lawyering up. >> i like the fact you can't say it but you will try. >> other way to get around it >> practice makes perfect. they are all lawyering up . they have an attorney out of orlando michael oquinwill address the media soon with relation to her story. this is number four as dave pointed out. a vip cocktail server and being away from home base in orllano is interesting. it seemed as if he was at home he was at home base. >> how honorable. that is great. he only played by road rules whompt cares about the women. here's what is interesting. there are reports this morning that he is having to tear up
8:09 am
his prenup and do a re-nup because his wife got a modest amount of money. 20 million. for somebody who is worth a billion as tiger is. that is chump change. supposedly she is getting five million today and then 55 million if she stays for two more years. >> and if she stays senyears it could be worth 80 million. that is the price of infedelity apparently. >> this is just now a business deal. >> sure it is. >> dispensing with notion that the couple is in love or romantic or commitment to family. this is going to be a monetary deal and stay two years. >> we don't know what is going on behind closed doors or talked about between the twov them. it could be a private matter. we have no idea.
8:10 am
it may be the kids and trying to fix thingings. >> we'll talk to the lawyer of kim kardashian. the broken celebrity prenups and they will give insight. apparently tiger's mom and mother-in-law may have been there for the whole incident and come out on the street later on. it is not confirmed yet. imagine how awful that situation got. >> check in with rick wright. renup. renup. unfortunate term. all right guys, look at temperatures. 23 in san antonio. extremely cold and 43 in new york city. 20 degrees cooler in south texas. this cold air will be with us and more cold air coming in this weekend. this is bringing rain in florida and tornado threat, still. bigger story in the midatlantic and northeast with
8:11 am
rain on the coast and higher elevations . it is not raining or snowing in the northeast . most precipitation not reaching the ground just yet. it will in the next couple of hours and snow all over the coastal areas. not a huge amount of accumulation. three-six inches in parts of the aflatchians and few spots at plus six. we'll talk about snow at least. hasn't happened at least. everybody cooler than we have been. cold back in the rockies. we'll talk about temperatures minus six . cold air is on the way once again. >> boy, it is cold and wet. >> and if you are coming back and went to a school in bellelementary . you saw a christmas tree in the conference room. >> whatever it is called. >> who cares what it is call
8:12 am
would it is gone and in his place two snow men and revised school policy. >> they labeled it a holiday giving tree and the purpose to help needy families give donations so other families could have a nice christmas. three or four families complained. they place today with snow men. >> one family complained. one family complained in the entire school about the holiday tree and it had to be removed and two snow men. although it helping kids. since when are trees religious? great point? oregon of all places. chop down the forest. >> all . evergreens there. a tree has nothing to do with christianitiy and neither does
8:13 am
santa claus which they have banned as a result of this and bredles. and that is not just our opinion to give you context. the u.s. supreme court ruled that holiday trees are not religious symbols and they can legally be displayed in the school. the school overruling the u.s. supreme court. what you can use wreths candles and candy canes and snow flake no men. >> snow apparently will be banned soon. >> candy canes? >> we do stories like this all of the time and end up it is the tyranny of the minority over whelming the majority because so many people did like the giving trees and bring presents to needy children. e-mail us. we are all on tweeter and tell us about what you think. >> white house is citing executive privilege the reason that social secretariers
8:14 am
doesn't have to testify. what do you think. should roger have to worry for the white house party crashers. >> over seas. they will take on college football legends. we have pros here to talk about the game. >> legendary coach barry switser. >> and dads are hard to shop for. they are the most difficult. you have the best holiday gadgets and dave is salivating. keeping it from sant a. keeping that shortly. i am just showing you. in my busy kitchen, i want nothing but the best.
8:15 am
eggland's best. i love eggland's best... because of all the great nutrition. that's why they're the only eggs... i make for my son. the chef. eggland's best. the better egg.
8:16 am
8:17 am
>> >> the couple who crashed the obama first state dinner being be subpoena. but is the social secretary who is just as culpable answer? >> we are joined by brad blackman. >> we heard executive privilege. designed to keep high level
8:18 am
officials. but is a social secretary qualified? what might be revealed if she testified? >> perhaps they will get to the secrets of how the center pieces are put together. desiree rogers has no secret information that being be divulged. the supreme court recognized that the president has to have the ability to talk to senior advisors without congress hauling them off to testify . desiree rogers doesn't reach that level. she should testify . we are talking about the safety of the president and prime minister of india could have been seriously hurt or worse by somebody getting into the white house who shouldn't have been there. her testify -- testimony is relevant. she has information that will be important to a congressional committee understanding how this understand. >> brad, you make a great
8:19 am
point. wouldn't the president want to know where there is a lapse of security. we can joke about the party crashers. this is a life and death issue. what is there to lose from letting her to testify? >> here's what is happening. remember the flying over air force one. what did the white house do blame the pent con. they are blaming the secret service. days of stone walling. military director at the white house who approved the miption and white house employee resigned because the press wasn't buying the excuse. desiree roger and her staff has much to blame as the secret service for the people getting n >> will heads roll in this case? i think it will. the truth is inev fastball. desiree rogers should have had
8:20 am
people with the secret service. this would never have happened. >> brad thank you for coming on this horning. >> bill o'reilly called them pin heads right after saying i do. tech savvy newly weds are live on fox and friends. >> clayton calls them heroes. ú#ç
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>>welcome back to "fox and friends". they were about to be pronounced husband and wife and the groom decided to pull out the iphone and do social networking in the ceremony. check it out. [inaudible]
8:24 am
he is updating his relationship status. (laughing) hey, and now a married newly weds. david and tracey. dana, what were you thinking in did you have this planned? >> yeah. two weeks ago. two weeks before the wedding. i thought up this idea to do it. we have a fun relationship and we are geeky and twitter and facebook. >> i understand. >> exactly. i let the pastor know the night before that if this is okay and he said absolutely. >> this is what you did. this is the exact tweet. what did you say? let's put it up here. standing in the altar with tracey page where just a second ago she became my wife .
8:25 am
time to go. time to kiss my way. wedding day. >> did you know what he was doing? i did not. i was surprised and i didn't mind. i was just jealous i didn't have my phone. but he had my friends grab my phone for me. >> on youtube. you posted on youtube. it is called at my wed twittering at the altar. we post exclude did our research for the story there were 670,000 of the youtube video . now up to 822,000 and going toward a million views that. is incredible. but the traditional people in the church, what is the name. >> mountain christian. >> were there people that were outrainfalled? >> i don't think so. >> they were laughing. >> yeah, everyone just started laughing. i did ask my grandmother laterbecause she didn't
8:26 am
understand why it was on tv and she didn't recall this happening. >> i hope you didn't tweet anything in the wedding night? >> i am surprised you didn't find that one. >> we are not getting into that in the jacuzy tub. >> that is too much information. >> apparently not. we didn't do that research. i will make sure we did it later. family members upset with you? >> no. it was fun and part of the process of on loosening up. >> with when we got engaged we had so much family in the. we updated our facebook at that timus. >> twiter. software jedi. and tracey page. >> tracey marie hannah. >> check it out. >> and when i find the other tweets, i am clayton morris on twitter. try to keep it tame.
8:27 am
dana and tracey. you seem like a lot of fun. newly wed exercise check out the youtube page. thanks, guys. if you are tech competent geeky stick around gifts we'll show you coming up. >> and football legends are saying thanks by taking them on in a classic football game. barry is out in the green room. dana, pay attention. if you find a dad and man is hard to buy for. greatest gadget in my opinion for men. stick around the men will not be disappointed. oonc. wll tblarnc. orvefse em ds tigin
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8:29 am
8:30 am
>> take a look of the shot of the morning. odd thing. trace yepam norle are calling
8:31 am
this a miracle. a gift laid before them on a small farm nor fort worth, texas. the egg has a noticeable cross embossed on the top sticking out. the egg was laid straight from hen. the message of encouragement that comes with the right time with christmas approaching. >> what will they do with the chicken. >> that will be a heavly. >> they can't eat it. >> a lot of jokes out there. >> no yokes. in a show of thanks. pros versus the gi joes. college football greatest are partaking in a classic football game with our heroes off of the battlefield. >> nfl ledge extend former oklahoma coach barry switser
8:32 am
is leading the team. hi, great to be here. and notice overseas. >> get football . >> and tell me about the game. >> the team i am taking over. bob and low. and ty and garrison harris. all of these guys are going over that are watching us. guys that played in the nfl. legendary college football players they are willing to sacrifice and salute the troop to iraq and persian gulf. you know, tostidas and uso partnered together to make all of this happened. we can't bring them. but we'll take a bowl over to them. patriot and bill o'reilly would say we are patriots. and it is going to air in the 2010 fiesta bowl on fox.
8:33 am
and it is going to be held in a undisclosed military base. we fly to kuwait and that's all i can tell you. we are leaving and going over late december and come back in time for the fiesta bowl. half time will be highlights of the flag football game. and 8 on 8 versus and using army personnel and i talked to tommy bowden yesterday. he is going . two coachs and nine player three of my sooners are going with me. bryan and the boss. and hair still the same. >> yeah, it is. it is a lot shorter. >> it is shorter but he lives out in la and doing b movies and why is he doing that and
8:34 am
he said they need b actors. and this is a bowl game . football means a lot to the troops over here . i am sure one of the issue in the nfl. it is all about confession . were things done improperly when you coached with the dallas cowboyero are they doing it right can keeping them off. >> let me defend the medical staffs the past. we did everything we could february the athlete. coaches never dictated to the doctors. medical staff controlled whether a kid played or not. he marked him ready for duty and he played him when he was marked. that is left up to the medical. they know more about it concushions and there is more research. troy ache man. it got him out of the game as did a lot of other players. >> we have to ask you before
8:35 am
the biggest game of the year. could be a bowl game for all we hear. florida-alabama. all eyes are on the game. give us your prediction. >> i think florida has the best athletes in the country. offense and defense and athleticism . alabama is shorter on offense. defensive football team . i think texas is a better offensive team than alabama. i think the best match up would be texas versus florida. >> who wins that game? >> i think texas will. they are at 10-point favorite and beat all you want in vegas. >> national title game. florida would be favored. coy is a excellent. i wished they picked the heisman after all . ballgames. vince young wouldn't have won the heisman. if not for the slog of reggie bush. >> you mind if i you a fashion
8:36 am
question. >> how do i look? >> fabulous. >> i don't know much about sports. these guys can tell you. i know i am winning our office bet. we picked teams every weekend and i am leading on our guesses if you can believe it. >> that is true. >> thank you for pointing that out. >> coach, i will win that, just give me time. how about a super bowl winner in i know you won a super bowl as well bret farve or peyton manning or brew breeze. >> i like drew breeze. he plays big. he's maul and place big with great numbers. i am a manning fan. exilove archy griffin and his family. >> the team that stays the healthiest and makes the fewest mistakes it takes a quarterback, no question. but you got to be healthy in the playoffs and say healthy.
8:37 am
>>y always stay away. >> college coaches are worst picking football games. >> good luck in the middle east. >> look forward to doing that. >> thank you. >> and in the meantime, here are your headlines. stick around coach. you can sit here for the headlines. we'll tell you what is going on with blagojevich. >> one computer containing f.b.i. investigation has been tollen. the computer was taken from the law office of the father-son team representing him. the office is not equipped with a video surveillance system. blagojevich was remove indeed january. after trying to allegedly trying to sell president obama's senate seat. >> a deadline for sanctions in iran. the united nations said tough sanctions could be enforced in january. but iran said they will not
8:38 am
answer to the union union about building 10 new uranium sites. >> let's talk, most major colleges nationwide. this is not sports memor billia. this is colorado state university in on colorado. has banned concealed weapons on campus. faculty demanding a prohibition for students asking for a right to carry guns . guns are already off limit at colorado university. but colorado state allows people to carry guns and concealed weapons with the right permit. clayton what is up. >> you wonder what a cat does in the day. i know i do. kobe briant. what are we doing here in >> we are passing the ball around the studio much like you would in a basketball game. >> a bad one. we'll talk hoops now.
8:39 am
kobe bryant. check it out. not many better than that one against duane wade and miami heat breakers. three seconds left. that is beautiful. one legged off of the glass . kobe bryant and lakers win . and somewhere in the swampings jersey. yes jersey aylee. new jersey nets get a win. >> yeah. 97-91 over charlotte x. next stop the playoffs, baby. and soccer fans, listen up. how is it for's tastey appetite. united states will play england in the 50 round. last time they meet in 1950 believe it or not. u.s. got a big break. they will round out a group.
8:40 am
many is for the u.s. to get the next round. last time was in 2006. folks are psyched about the u.s.' chances. but not happy as i am about the gadget segment that we are about to start. >> only a few weekends left to get your gadget in gear for the men this time of year . ladies are wondering what in the world to get the men this holiday season. >> alyson get over here. we hear it year after year. >> i need suggestions and i spend a lot of time and these are the favorite of the year. you will not be disappointed. what is behind you dave. you guys are standing in front of it. pana sonic x1 series, this is the best television under a thousand. 799 and it is a 37 inch right now. and best panel television x.
8:41 am
comes with an ipod entertainment kit. set it on the do the to connect with your television. and watch the ipods. >> loop of gost busters of all times for dads >> watch your ipod videos on the screen. i have waited for >> merry christmas. i am sure you can take it with you. >> slide out from the tv. i want to show off the roku, box. it changed my life. i know it doesn't take much. but it say tiny black box. but you are allowed to stream netflix content to the television. come back up here if you can. come back here. we are streaming content and i am watching gost buster from the netflix. and picked my favorite movie . jump in my netflix cue and see what i have in here and stream
8:42 am
it without waiting for dvd's to show nup the mail. >> no wonder if change would your life. >> i think the lowest plan is 5.99 -- it is free with a netflix act. >> jump in to the ereaders. this is a great gift for the moms and wives and all of this as well kendall two . barnes and noble ereader and called the nuck. it will be there available after the holidays. if you want one under the tree. pick up the kindle, two . you love that >> wirelessly get books in 60 seconds. >> and jump over to the whereonas wrone player. this allows you if you have a ow teens will be and want to stream that music to the rest of the house. put it in multiple rooms and have five or six or one in the
8:43 am
living run. pull out my ipod and play tray cats in the kitchen . >> no way? >> and you can control it all from the iphone. and you don't have to intall an entire stereo system in your house. this is it. >> it is easy to hook up. one plug in the wall it is that simple. >> jump over to the camera. >> and i have seen pictures you took with this thing. >> unbelievable. >> this is the olympuous . take a look at the photos i shot with this. one of the best. flip out screen and 7.autofocus and look at the photos in philadelphia. okay, we don't. they are beautiful and check out the art filters. >> incredible photos. >> last but not least. beautiful sam sung. i know you eyed this up
8:44 am
earlier. >> one and half inches. look how thin this is. this is ultraslim and internet tv connected on the bottom . twitter and yahoo sports are all connected to the internet and watch ama zon on demand. >> you will put it on your twitter or blog. >> more "fox and friends" if you missed it. e-mail me on clay ton morris.
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>> welcome back. three top stories on the website for your health. a new study shows that long-term strenous exercise has a natural anti-aging effect that goes down to the dna on a cellurar level making us look decades younger. i am really 70. if you are looking for the fountain of youth . speaking of exercise try a glass of chocolate milk. studies show that the protein and sugar is the fastest way for muscle recovery . secret to getting toddler to eat fruits and veggies. try showing them picture books
8:48 am
while you feed them. researchers found that children are more likely to taste unfamiliar food if they saw pictures of them. for more information go to "fox and friends". fox and >> al gore, warming debunked by the error internet you invented. oh, the irony. the irony. >> well, did testify fudge the facts on global warming. it may have been manipulated to make the case for climate change. mike huckabee is the former governor of arkansas and the host of huckabee . he is a huge barry switser fan and he was thrilled to be in the halls. >> whole arkansas half hour here. and this is a story,
8:49 am
governor. e-mails essentially cook the bookos climate change data and suppress the opposition. those who have proof that global warming is not man made. and changes the whole debate. why have we not heard much about it? >> the only scandal that is equal to the scientific scandal where you have credible scientist that are looking for truth have apparently so doctored the truth that it is not recognizable. a media just doesn't want to report the scandal ask shameful activities of the so-called scientist. >> what should the president to do? he is going there to get a deal done with the world leaders. should he say step back a minute before we pass cap and trade. and overanalyze. >> save the jet fuel on air force one and stay home. originally he said that he was
8:50 am
not going to go to copen hagen unless there was a deal ready to be signed. there is no deal or signature that is expect exclude now he is changing the story and he want to encourage the process. he can do that by way of e-mail. stay home and stop the carbon footprint he is putting on the world by flying over to copen hagen. >> so much more to talk about. we'll carry over in a minute. phil jones is the lead scientist here has stepped down. michael mann penn state scientist is under investigation. what do folks here have to make of this? >> we have to recognize it is a political and not scientific agend a. there is a debate for a long time on whether man is causing climitate change. in college we are in global cool about to freeze to death. >> much more with the governor in a few minutes.
8:51 am
he was released from a washington jail and governor huckabee commuted maurice clemons sentence. we'll ask about that in a moment. the underlying cause could be osteoporosis. and that's a fracture that might have been prevented. if you have post-menopausal osteoporosis, you could be at high risk for fracture. which is why i hope you'll call now 1-800-316-4955 for this free information kit. in it, you'll see the difference between the inside of a strong bone and the inside of an osteoporotic bone, weakened and prone to fracture. you'll find ways to help reverse bone loss and to help prevent fractures. learn how to help maintain strong bones. and read about an effective treatment option. there's even a guide to use when you talk to your doctor. osteoporosis is that important. another surgeon agrees with me. the surgeon general. ...half of all women 50 or older will suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime. call 1-800-316-4955.
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if you could help prevent a fracture, wouldn't you? for your free kit, call now.
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8:54 am
we'll talk about what happened in 1989. clemons committed robbery, theft and possessing a handgun. you get this on your desk. >> 11 years later.
8:55 am
his file came to me. he was angry and adjuticate asked went to the joint for len years. that is a longer sentence. girl in italy 26 years. in arkansas people convicted murder. 25 year sentence and gets out in probably 8. here's the thing. this is 108 years. that is a life sentence. it is disporportionate for anything there. the kid had mellowed out. 28 years old . despite news to the contrary. the prosecutor did not object. nor did law enforcement or victims. it comes to me five-0 vote and the judge said the sentence is too long. i commuted it to 47 years. he didn't walk out of the
8:56 am
door. he was parole eligible and the board once he meet the criteria granted him parole. he violates the parole. and could have gone back to prison to 2018. for reasons i can't answer he gets out again. i am not involved. >> we are asking the judge to be soothsayer . it was difficult for you to see perhaps. but go back to the original judge who gave him 108 year sentence at 16 years old. did that judge know something about his behavior. >> the judge who wrote the letter to me. he believed that the sentences were going to be stacked rather than consectative. consectative not stacking the sentence but over 108 years. to be honest with you. you look at case law in arkansas. had he been white and upper
8:57 am
middle class and good lawyer. probation and fine and a trip to the counselor's office. that's the fact and so you know, i take responsibility for the decision i made. i wish it had turned out different. i pray to god that those families will find comfort and kills me inside to think that four police officers are dead. i have tried to be honest with people. if you gave me the same file and put it in front of me. i can make a political decision and say no. there is no political upside. if you are sitting there and your job is to have a sense of justice. i would make the same decision. i had no idea the guy would be a cop killer. >> what do we need to do to repair in? >> when a person is going back. yank him back in the system. what ought to be asked. how come over the past year when he was beginning to show
8:58 am
real signs of outrainfallous socio pathic behavior why didn't two systems. arkansas ask washington put him in and keep him? i haven't been depov gov three years and so i can't answer that. >> like the hasan case. a break down. >> one final thing. the system will never be perfect. you have imperfect people adjuticating people and the results will never be perfect . sometimes we say how can we fix it. the truth is, we'll never fix it. we wouldn't have crime and prisons and we wouldn't have a need for the court system. it will be subject to human error. >> goch gov huckabee thank you for coming on and being candid about this. >> i hope they will put the focus on the officers and familis and fix what they can. there are four families that are grieving over the loss. >> catch huckabee tonight.
8:59 am
>> president obama and the time line. did he put pressure on afghanistan president in order to take it off of himself . and gas station no longer allowed to greet customers there? >> why not?
9:00 am
9:01 am
>> good morning everyone, it's saturday, december 5th, here is what's happening right
9:02 am
now. chaos as a nightclub fire kills more than one hundred people. what caused this tragedy coming up. >> and an italian jury finds american student amanda knox guilty, sentencing her to 26 years behind bars. how her parents are reacting to the news that she'll spend the next two decades in a prison in a foreign country. >> plus, a woman giving birth to a baby at 30,000 feet and incredibly a doctor is on board. is there a doctor in the house? yes, that story straight ahead. we're watching "fox & friends," your slogan comes from steve in philadelphia. not watching "fox & friends" is very silly, it's fun, it's smart and clayton's from philly. >> see, we from philly can't rhyme. >> at all really, philly. >> it's "fox & friends." >> excuse me, he does drive to philly. >> i'm a little dull. >> welcome to the big show.
9:03 am
it's still early, it's "fox & friends," thank you so much, we love our "fox & friends" viewers waking up with us on sat morning, i'm clayton morris, that's alisyn camerota and that's the lovely dave briggs. never before seen video of marilyn monroe doing something you haven't seen, allah michael phelps. >> what struck me was the footage and how much someone paid to buy the footage, it will blow your mind. >> that's great so it's of her swimming, that's cool. >> that's not swimming. >> in the meantime, i do have your headlines for you, we start with a tragic story a fox news alert. the death toll has now reached 109 after a faulty fireworks display ignites a packed nightclub in a russian city. is spread out of control because of the club's suspended plastic ceiling. majority of the victims died from burns and smoke
9:04 am
inhalation and many others were trampled by people rushing to the exit. the emergency minister of russia says the club had been fined twice before for violating fire regulation. well, lawmakers are seeking a reprieve for three navy seals facing court martial and they could face up to one year of confinement if found guilty. this after one seal, matthew mccabe allegedly punched a suspect after arresting him for an ambush killing of u.s. contractors in iraq. the others are i accused of falsifying statements on the incident. one says prosecuting them seems to be overthe command. >> senator max baucus, he was involved with his girlfriend when he nominated here for u.s. attorney. baucus says he and melody haynes began dating and he
9:05 am
withdrew her name from the nomination when the couple sde decided to live together in washington. >> a lovable lab creates customers at a bp gas station in florida, but now he has to go. cody's owner who also owns the store received a notice from the state's department of agriculture that cody was a source of food contamination. >> and also stealing money from the till. >> and he says they said having the dog in the store was unsanitary, even though alt food sold is packaged. he's going to follow the order and leave poor cody home. >> in the story they specifically cite the health code violation the possibility that he was gnawing on slim jims. >> and drinking out of the fountain drinks. >> have you ever bitten into a slim jim, fantastic. >> it's true. >> or-- >> a tasty treat. >> a second time today you've put a filter on. >> sensoring myself. >> rick, what's there? >> college station yesterday,
9:06 am
texas, this is from amanda g. this horse is wearing a snuggie. >> do you know who is wearing a snuggie shortly, karl rove completing his bet. >> i wish i wouldn't have brought this up. and he was wearing the snuggie because it was cold in the snow and we're into the 20's across texas and warmer across the east coast temporarily and that's going to change as the front finally moves through, could see severe across texas today, but the story is rain on the coast and snow across interior sections, all day seeing the snow across much of west virginia, the western side of virginia and rain moving in across the coastal areas right now, by tonight, this is going it turn into snow as the colder air filters in. some areas three to six inches across the mountains of west virginia, and then across new england, three to six inch ranges and a few areas six plus inches and i have to tell you we have a much more powerful storm coming in this week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, going to be talking
9:07 am
about big snow in across the plains and here is your temperatures for today. tomorrow look at that, cooling down 17 in denver, 11 rapid city and that colder air settles in and next system comes in, we'll talk about the potentially first winter blast across the central part of the country. >> and it's about time. >> it is. >> get your snugies on. meanwhile, an italian jury finds american student amanda knox guilty of murdering her roommate and 26 years behind bar. amanda's parents say they plan to appeal. greg burke joins us for more of the emotional testimony that led to this verdict. >> it's been a long trial and an emotional one, a very long day, a long night for the knox family. the verdict came down just after midnight and of course, it did not go in their favor with amanda being convicted. amanda actually was absolutely wailing with tears as she was
9:08 am
being led away back into a police van and back to prison. earlier today, just a short time ago, the knox family arriving at the prison, of course, this was not the news they were hoping for. they were hoping to be taking amanda home next week. she's been sentence today 26 years in prison for the death of meredith. she was, like amanda, studying. she was british, her former roommate. the family did stay out of the trial. did come in from london satisfied with the verdict, but still feel the loss of meredith. >> ultimately we're pleased with the decision, please add we've got a decision, but it's not fun, it's not a fun celebration it's not a moment of triumph. as we've said before at the end of the day we're gathered here because our sister was brutally murdered and taken away from us.
9:09 am
>> now, finally, guys, this will go on. this trial will go on because of the appeals, the knox family has already said that certainly the kaerchers said yeah, we expect with that. we have to live day by day i no doubt about that, but it's been three families deeply effected. first the kaercher's, then the knox's and then amanda's boyfriend. he got one year less than amanda, but got 25 years in jail. >> thank you so much, this case fascinates me, guys, because of all the dna evidence, not one fingerprint from amanda knox had been found in at that apartment and now the appeals process, how do you find a fair jury? because that whole country thinks she's a murderer. >> the evidence was confusing because they say what they believe the murder weapon the knife that she did find amanda's dn an on that. it's confusing, but imagine the tragedy for all the families all-around. >> so much more on that and i'm fascinated about
9:10 am
afghanistan, the president moves forward there and his address to the nation. president obama announced his long awaited decision to send 30,000 additional troops to afghanistan. and karl rove, says that the president can win, can, in afghanistan if he does a few things correctly. >> and he joins us this morning, karl, nice to see you. >> good morning, clayton. >> welcome to the big show. all right, so you penned this piece this week saying the president can win in afghanistan if he keeps his nerves about him. and i must say reading a number of different op-ed pieces about him, the new yorker, all of them pointing out that the president seemed as if he was hedging his bets in his speech. it didn't seem as if he had the conviction he might need necessary to move forward. do you agree with that? >> i do. i think we need to keep focused on the fact that he made the right decision, but the tone was defensive, the tone was tentative, halting not one of his best performances and we're already start to go see some troubling things in the aftermath of
9:11 am
this. secretary of defense robert gates went to capitol hill along with secretary of state hillary clinton, secretary gates talked about the withdrawal date of 2011 he was hammered by the committee members on it. he says this will be conditional, we're going to look at where thing really are at that point. secretary clinton talked about it being an assessment date, but the white house responded in a very odd fashion, cbs reporter chip reed was tape was brought into robert gibbs office and gibbs went out of his way to con dikt gates and clinton and said that date is firm, locked in stone and i have the chisel. we're seeing confusion here, what is the end date, what is the date for beginning withdrawal and what is the conditional-- is it conditional, flexible or chiseled in stone? >> yes, but what the president said about that, i think it makes sense. unless you come up with some sort of date, you lose the urgency for the afghan troops to have to fall in line. doesn't that lodgic make
9:12 am
sense? >> i'm not certain i agree with that. because look, what the other side of that is what it says to the enemy is, is wait until 2011 and there'll be less pressure because that's when american military power begins to recede. you know, that well-known foreign policy expert jay leno, i think, said it wisely the other night when it says obama announces a 2011 withdrawal date and the al-qaeda and taliban announce a 2011 step up date. you know, i mean, this is-- there are two ways to look at that. i always think that pressure is allies is better provided behind the scenes than it is publicly, particularly since everybody in the world now knows that 2011 is when u.s. military power in afghanistan is likely to begin to be reduced. >> all right, karl, stay put. much more after the break. the white house is using executive privilege to keep its social secretary from testifying about the party crashers, salahis, but president bush couldn't apply
9:13 am
executive privilege at desiree rogers level. is there a double standard? we'll ask mr. rove. >> another woman is coming out saying she also had an affair with tiger woods. there's a rumor that the pre-nup is being reworked. we'll talk to an attorney about pre-nups. >> joe lawson is here with fun and easy ways to make edible presents. >> that's my fiefrt kind of presents. remember when you gave me an edible sweater. >> only half was edible. we didn't tell you the other half. >> that explains a few things. >> plus, karl rove in a snuggie. for my arthritis, i use
9:14 am
new capzasin quick relief gel. (announcer) starts working on contact and at the nerve level. to block pain for hours. new capzasin, takes the pain out of arthritis.
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9:16 am
>> all right. we're back now with karl rove. we're talking of course by the salahis, the party crashers, karl, it's interesting because president obama said executive privileges.
9:17 am
he says that desiree rogers will not testify and the problem is nancy pelosi wanted to subpoena you, the chief of staff of president bush. does this work to say that your social secretary cannot testify? is that the point of executive privilege? >> well, an executive privilege can be exerted by a president on behalf of his staff testifying before congress, if the white house, the obama white house wants to find a way to provide the information while protecting the privilege of the president, then maybe they ought to consider doing what the obama white house m march direct immediate to do which was to, as a former aide to president bush, despite president bush's claim of executive privilege, we offered and the obama white house agreed that i would go up and testify on the hill under oath in private, not forced by a subpoena, but voluntarily before the house judiciary committee, i was questioned by democrat and republican members of the committee and committee staff for two days, a transcript was released of that and we protected the form of the
9:18 am
president's privilege on something that was important to protect, but we gave them the information that they wanted to have and perhaps the obama white house having brokered this deal in march could broker a similar deal with regards to desiree rogers. >> that makes a lot of sense, i think, wouldn't the president want to know where the security breach was? this is a life and death issue. doesn't he want to know how people gained access to the white house? why are they protecting the social secretary here? >> well, you know what? i've been trying to figure that out. clearly, there was a breakdown because the social secretary at least in the bush years always had somebody standing at the gate checking the list of people, but i decided to go-- i went and took a look at the guest list for the obama state dinner and i looked at the guest list for the last bush state dinner. i found something interesting, 18% of the people who were at the obama state dinner were administration figures spouses and guests, 8% of the people at the last bush state dinner were administration officials
9:19 am
and spouses and guests, you'd think it'd be the opposite, being the last state dinner of the bush years you'd think they'd fill it up with administration and their spouses and guests. there were 47 obama white house staff and their guests or spouses at the india state dinner. at the last state dinner of the bush dinner, nine. at obama dinner, there were guests from the office of chief of staff. it looks like the white house social office turned this into a gigantic sort of benefit, a benny for members of the white house staff. desiree rogers herself is hosting a table at the state dinner. the social secretary at the final stage of the bush white house is not there in attendance as a guest. she worked it. i think they may have been saying, this is a great party opportunity, being in the state dining room, rather than how do we make this function
9:20 am
properly. >> karl, you're not going to eat up the clock today. it's time for karl rove unplugged. >> the attempted to filibuster. it's time to see how our viewers responded who will come out the victor who will wear the snuggie on the air and i think we have, yeah, let's play this. okay. i don't know what that is. anyway, so, karl, we sent you a snuggie in response to our bet here. >> the viewers spoke. >> let's be clear about this, let's be clear about this. i never agreed to the bet. and it is-- and it is a matter of moral conscience that i will never wear a snuggie, i want to thank you, however, the snuggie arrived and later this weekend donate today a homeless shelt ner austin, texas where incidentally it's colder today than in new york city and thank you for your thoughtfulness, and i hope you'll send more so they'll be
9:21 am
used at a homeless shelter. >> someone in a homeless shelter in austin, will have a fox snuggie to wear for the winter. $$$$$$$$$$$$
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>> well, typically divorce can cost big bucks, but in tiger's case it's reported that he is, well, paving his way not to leave him and that will cost him serious cash. >> we're joined by celebrity attorney lisa meyer who negotiated her pre-nup with her basketball husband. it looks like tiger is paying his wife to stay with him by going through a renegotiation of a pre-nup. is that right? >> that's exactly right.
9:25 am
what it's called is a post-nup and what he's doing is instead of protecting his assets, he's protecting his relationship. >> how does this come up legally, lisa? i mean, you've been involved in these situations, who brings this up. does tiger call a lawyer and say, i need to get some more money cleared or does she bring it up and legally how does this mess untangle itself? >> i think that they probably discussed it together, given the circumstances and she probably said, if i'm going to stay here, buddy, i'm going to need some more money and he probably said i need you to stay here and we need to try to work this out so they probably both called their professionals and got them working on a post-nup. >> unbelievable. now, what kind of money are we talking about here? because it seems to me that in, you know, the original pre-nup was 20 million dollars, worth up to 20 million dollars after ten years of marriage. >> right. >> how do you-- it feels like it's prorated over the years, like there's a
9:26 am
certain, there's like mile markers along, on the road here, that if they meet certain conditions they'll get a certain amount of money. is that right? how do you build that in? >> right, well, what you can do, you can say something like, if you stay with me for seven years, you get 50 million dollars, if you stay another three, you'll get ten million dollars, but i'm sure everybody remembers the case of donald trump. >> right. >> where he left one of his wives before that, i think it was the three-year mark and he was supposed to pay her a significant amount of money so as you said, a lot of people what they do, they prorate the money so if you leave before year ten and were you supposed to get 10 million and you leave in year five, then you'll get five million, but i don't think that's the case here, although i don't know. >> i think she sticks 'cause seven more years is apparently 80 million dollars, 60 more than she was supposed to get. now, legally, is this what you would advise for tiger or for elin?
9:27 am
is this a good move? >> i think it's a great move on both of their parts. in terms of tiger, she stays in the marriage, damage control, he can go on and still be the best golfer in the world. and as far as his wife, she's in it for a lot of money. i'm sure there's love, too, but definitely there's a big pay day at the end of the road so i think it's a win-win for both of them. and a brilliant move on both of their parts and their professional part. >> lisa meyer who has her ear-- she is is like the fly on the wall, love to know what she hears on a regular basis. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, thanks a lot. the cost of infidelity. >> coming up, a baby born 30,000 feet in the air. how the doctor performed the amazing delivery next. >> a snap happy orangutan and
9:28 am
why does it have a camera anyway. i found out the camera is a samsung 100. coming up whom depot, are you ready for the-- hey, mike, a close up close and personal. tips how to get your home safe and ready for your guests and help you save money in the process. oonc. wll tblarnc. orvefse em ds tigin
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>> hey. welcome back to "fox & friends." he's clayton morris, can't stop talking, she's alisyn camerota, i'm dave briggs. we always work weekends, but not in the senate. on capitol hill, trying to reach an agreement on health care overhaul where malini wilkes joins us this morning. she's in washington to take a look how this might impact you. hello malini. >> well, good morning, dave. senators start debate in about a half hour, a rare full weekend of work on the hill
9:32 am
for them. majority leader harry reid says he wants a bill passed before the end of the year even if it means working seven days a week. today, republicans criticized the 2000 page bill in their radio address highlighting the controversy over mammograms. a government advisor and panel you may remember recently recommended against regular mammograms for women in their 40's. after a public uproar the senate passed an amendment this week and safeguards mammogram screenings. the republicans argue what could show happens, if the government gets too much control over health care. >> we wonder if we are heading down a path where the federal government will at first suggest and then mandate new standards for preventions and treatments. >> do we really want government bureaucrats, rather than doctors, dictating how we prevent and treat something like breast cancer? >> well, democrats remain divided among themselves over
9:33 am
two big issues that have been controversial from the very start. funding of abortion and a government-run insurance plan. some moderate democrats like blanch lincoln oppose any bill containing the so-called public option. >> i've been very clear. i don't support a public option that's government funded or government run and that puts the taxpayers at risk in the long run. >> now, today senator lincoln is expected to propose an amendment that is almost sure to pass which limits tax subsidies for insurance secretaries salaries and republicans likely to offer an amendment highlighting proposed cuts to medicare. they start again in about a half an hour. back to you in new york. >> good, it's interesting, malini, it doesn't solve the public options, even her proposed amendment so we have no idea what's going to happen. >> and all eyes this morning, all the op-eds, all eyes on the abortion amendment. this baby born at 30,000 feet not every day you have this
9:34 am
happen. a lot of questions how this unfolded. a flight from chicago to salt lake city, diverted in denver, landing thereafter someone yells on the-- pilot comes across and says, hey, is there a doctor on board because we need to deliver a baby. >> in fact, there was a doctor on board and you're about to hear from him now. >> it's a nice beautiful baby, normal delivery, mom was grade great. the staff was great. i looked for shoe stings, pulled the shoe stings out of my shoes and that baby is around with my shoe string on an umbilical card. paramedics were grade. they came aboard in denver and understand that mom and baby are doing fine. >> dr. john, glad he was there and a nurse was even on board and asked questions and we don't know was she supposed to be flying at that point. >> i'd say no, she wasn't. >> couple of weeks. >> last try mess ter.
9:35 am
>> i think it's the last ten weeks, i think i'm recalling correctly that's what my doctor had me do after 30 weeks you're not supposed to fly because of this very thing, something could happen and could go into labor. fact that the baby was fine and not premature tells me that she was flying in the last probably two weeks of her pregnancy. so, i don't think that's allowed. >> what's the deal, 'cause like you go up and it adds a little extra pressure to the belly and forces things to move along? >> again, breaking down the science. >> i'm not in a doctor. >> you're not a pilot as far as i know so i'm not sure that it's the pressure. it's just the risk. you never know when you're going to into labor it could happen at anytime. >> i like the entry into this world for this young baby boy, born at 30,000 feet. things are going to be exciting and you need to have a middle name something about the skies. >> like south or southwest it was on. i have a question for you a lot of people on twitter asked this question this morning, what state gives it the birth
9:36 am
certificate. >> colorado i'm guessing. >> denver where it landed. >> it was in the air. so. >> where they were over. >> one hundred miles from denver, presumably still in the state of colorado and in their air space, i'm going with colorado and look for good things ahead. >> as we said earlier, a weird story, always involves denver. had to land in denver to complete its weirdness. >> hopefully we'll talk to the mom in the days ahead. >> your headlines are, president obama is changing his schedule for his visit to next week's international climate summit in copenhagen. the white house says the president now plans to arrive on the final day of the summit on december 18th. this will be the president's 10th foreign visit before christmas. a record for a first year president. officials in washington and arkansas are pointing fingers over who is responsible for the release of accused cop killer maurice clemmons. prosecutors in washington state say that plans to keep
9:37 am
clemens behind bars were foiled because of arkansas's refusal to take him back. he reportedly had a long list of violent crimes including assaulting a police and second degree rape after child. and he allegedly gunned down four lakewood police officers inside a coffee shop. news anchor tom brokaw and wife were okay after they were involved in a deadly car accident. he was on the brookner expressway in new york way when a woman driving an suv lost control causing a mail truck to veer in front of his car shall brocaw's car and hit the mail truck. neither of those drivers were hurt and the driver of the s.u.v. was thrown from her car and off the expressway, the brocaws released a statement they're deep had i saddened by her death. >> a new website is exposing people who fabricate military accomplishments to get federal assistance. reports stolen lets people check military
9:38 am
backgrounds and report suspected fraud. anyone caught falsifying military information can face up to a year in prison and $150,000 fine. the officials say they hope the website gives potential posers a pause when considering the act of faking a military background. >> how despicable. >> thank you, alisyn. >> if there's a monkey story, i'll read it. >> i thought it was a tech story. >> tech and monkey, together, an orangutan snapping pictures of her surroundings from a raisin dispensing camera. more than 4,000 people have become fans of 33-year-old nonja since his page was launched last year or four dass ago. the eight photographs are examions at a vienna zoo on a specially adapted digital camera which when you take the photos a raisin drops out. so it encourages, yeah, that's how you can get kids to take more photos or me. >> a treat. >> it's like a hershey's kiss popped out every time.
9:39 am
>> you'd be annie lebowitz. >> the camera had a protected cover, protect the against chewing in case she tires of the raisins and wants to chew on. by the way a samsung 1,000. >> glad to hear it, nice plug. rick reichmuth what's it like outside, buddy? >> you know, it's starting to rain just a little bit, just a little bit and there's a huge crowd. say hi to your kids. hi noah and' lies. hi. >> they think she will be in the tv box and try to get her out of there. >> cooler air is moving in and in fact it's extremely cold. this came to us on twitter and this is from michelle out of north georgia and up towards chattanooga tennessee area, on the border getting some snow. that snow is going to taper off as you look at the radar picture, but it's going to continue to pull up to the north. heavy rain across the mid atlantic and we'll see the snow move in across the nation's capital by later on
9:40 am
today it's going to turn to snow across the coastal areas as well. three to six inches, kind of the highest accumulation totals. across the west we're looking pretty calm right now, but enjoy it because things are about to change and we're going to be seeing a major storm moving across southern california. talking about rain and potentially mudslides and we already have blizzard watches posted now across southern utah and colorado. a big snowstorm coming in and this could be a major snowstorm across the plains, areas like kansas and nebraska by the time we get into the day on tuesday a lot coming up. dave, send it over to you. >> rick, i've got to pay more attention to your weather, man, it's cold! i would have brought a coat had i listened earlier. mike tar kosovoa from home depot, a lot of times this time of year, you hire a contractor or handyman, you don't have to, tips how the folks can save money and do it themselves. >> that's right. first we're talking about making your home safer. af got friends and relatives coming into town and kids
9:41 am
running around the house. >> running all over. >> with new toys like crazy people. first thing, is make sure to get rug pads under the rugs so they don't flip and come in a lot of different sizes and cut those to fit whatever rug you're dealing with, double sided tape, this is probably more secure than that. make sure the rugs aren't going anywhere, a couple of choices there and move back here, as people come into your house, one thing you might want to do is add the lights to your stairs to make sure people know where they're going. >> people don't fall at light after a glass of wine. >> or a couple glasses of wine. if you live in the northeast or houston, you have snow, if you've got loose boards like this, if that's covered with snow, obviously, you can't see that, people are not aware of what's going on at your house, you want to tack those down and make sure it's safe. >> you can do this. >> very easy to do. >> now, calibrating your oven. >> why is that so important? >> if you cook a lot you know what i'm talking about, if you
9:42 am
don't like me i was not aware this was an issue. sometimes when you set your oven for a certain temperature, the temperature inside doesn't match that. what that means if you've got a recipe at that calls you to cook for an hour and hour and a half later it's fot done or 30 minutes into it it's burning you know you've got an issue with the temperature. a couple of ways to fix that, first of all, you want to get a thermometer, you can get this, an oven thermometer, put that inside. set your oven to say 300. leave it for 15 minutes and you'll see what the temperature actually is inside and know what the difference is. >> i never knew tease things were off. >> and people kind of just adjust as they cook, but you get tired of doing that and plus it's the holidays you want to impress a mother-in-law don't want to mess up that big meal. >> mine will be here, i'm going to do that. >> if you've got an older oven pull off the knob and look in the back. this is an in your one. on the older one a couple of screws and loosen those and adjust that. if you move it clock-wise
9:43 am
increase the temperature. if you pull it off and don't have the screws sometimes you'll see this is the arm that the knob attaches to. get the small screwdriver and make the adjustment inside. >> you're coming to my house, man, i'm not pulling that off. >> it's not too hard. electronics are easer, set it on the mode and use the up and down knob. >> this is important stuff, this is important stuff. fire safety, very critical this time of year, if you've got-- if you don't have smoke alarms, get them or carbon monoxide detectors, need those on every floor. check the batteries once a month to make sure they're working and fire extinguishers, it's critical. >> most people don't. >> one on every floor. once you get it. can't leave it forever. the gauge will tell if you it's charged and that means it's going to activate when you use it. if it's not charged. if it's a rechargeable model. if it's not you get a new one.
9:44 am
>> pick it up at home depot. >> and they start the $20. got to have these. >> thanks as always and thanks to the home depot groupies who have shown up. mike cartozzo attracts a crowd leak you wouldn't believe. coming up on "fox & friends," video of marilyn monroe as you've never seen her before. we'll show it to you and tell you how much someone paid for this home video. you won't believe it. that's straight ahead.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
>> all right. take a look at the screen everyone. this is marilyn monroe like you've never seen her before. rare footage shot at a new jersey home back in the 1950's and it's what marilyn is doing, allegedly on camera that's catching many people by surprise. >> by the way, this is not in slow motion. film maker kia morgan joins us now from los angeles with more on this piece of film. kia, nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> all right, so, you know, it's hard to ein the video what is actually unfolding there, but i was joking about it being in slow motion. what is happening in the video that's causing, raising so many eyebrows. well, she's smoking marijuana, pot. and the way we know for a fact that that's what it is, is the lady who actually filmed it,
9:48 am
she rolled up the joint and she handed over to marilyn and actually in the beginning of the tape you can actually see her handing it over and you know, there's three or four friends together just like girls having fun, having a good time and they're passing it around and it's pretty clear what it is and she's actually the one who rolled it up, so, that's one of the ways that we know. >> now, kia, how did you get your hands on this footage and how did you know it was authentic? >> well, the way i found it was basically i'm producing a documentary about marilyn monroe, about her death. how she was murdered and one of the former chiefs of the fbi told me about it and when he told me about it, i got very excited and long story short, i tracked this lady down. she was a good friend of marilyn monroes and my documentary, marilyn monroe murder on selena drive was basically exploring the details of how marilyn was murdered and the coverup and
9:49 am
it's in my opinion one of the greatest murder coverups of the 20th century. it's just incredible that this beautiful blond woman was under the attention of the fbi and the cia and had affairs with kennedy and just an unbelievable story. so, that's why i got interested in the tape. i just thought, wow, what an incredible piece you know, and it's unpublished, it's private, never before been seen and it's just very exciting, incredible after 50 years so many gems are hidden and come out of nowhere, just really incredible. >> it was held in this person's attic, the silent color film and purchased it for $275,000. you're saying that the fbi, former fbi chief in california said that they held this information because they didn't want it to affect any of the high profile people she was associated with. has she been held in quiet because of kennedy? >> well, she gave a copy to the fbi back then and basically, they duped her into thinking she's helping protect marilyn, her friend.
9:50 am
but in reality they were doing a surveillance and the reason they were so alarmed by marilyn drinking and smoking pot in this tape is not because of the drugs, but because of the fact that she could be dangerous to herself and she could also be dangerous, you know, to the white house and to the presidency and to the kennedys and they were very, very-- >> you make a great it could have been dangerous to the kennedys. the documentary is coming out soon and we appreciate you showing us this amazing footage. >> and the copy right is on ebay. >> looking for the perfect holiday gift? it could be in your kitchen. joan lawson is here with delicious holiday gifts. >> look at the cookies, fields of gold cookies. ♪
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9:54 am
>> hey, welcome back. a fun inexpensive way to share some holiday cheer this holiday season, is with some homemade and clayton's favorite type of edible gifts. >> nigella, the author of nigella christmas is here, welcome to "fox & friends." >> thanks so much. >> it's great to have an edible gift and you have cookies and-- this is a testament to. >> what are you making? >> this is my christmas rocky road, incredibly simple when you're hassled. it's easy. >> melted chocolate with butter, brazil nuts and a cookie and seasonal stress relieving activity. >> oh, have to get me one. >> and have one of those cookies and-- >> peppers? >> no, no. >> how much are the nuts? >> and pulverize the nuts. >> take this away.
9:55 am
>> thank you. >> and yes, i can see why. >> okay. >> so, okay. enough now. >> oh, i feel good. >> and you know, this is what you have to do at the end of every day. >> this is great i used to think you'd chop them. >> no. >> who knew? >> and cherries, for rudolph's nose. >> the canned variety with the juice ins there, you don't want to use fresh ones. >> no, nothing fresh about this. 'cause you want the sugar taste with these, so little marshmallows and all you do for this, it's like a walk in the snow, can you hear that? >> and a nice stir here for what, a minute or two? >> i want mess of the marshmallows to be coated in chocolate so it's not, it's not an exact science. >> and then put it in here. if i hold-- you want to scrape or the other way around, i don't
9:56 am
mind. >> and i will use that spoon after we're done here. >> okay and then level this thing out. >> yes. >> again, this is fun cooking, i like it when things, you can see the slight-- >> how long are you baking this? >> i'm not baking it, i'm putting it in the refrigerator. >> brilliant. >> and voila. >> and here, and the final snowing, but you can put these in a few cellophane bags and i brought these from london, they're going back to join the rest of their families. >> can they go back one square left? >> i'm just keeping the deer. >> can i ask you a question. when you give this tough to people and wrap it nicely, in cellophane. >> also, a card or a ribbon and i think like sometimes i have give it as well to schools it raise money for
9:57 am
their, you know, we all go to bake sales at schools and i think then you put the ingredients on the back. >> the book is nigella christmas. >> this is better than you could imagine. >> stick around the after the show show and "fox & friends" on line. the great taste
9:58 am
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of splenda® no calorie sweetener and added a little fiber? sweet! sweet! (together) sweet! (announcer) now for the first time, a gram of healthy fiber in every packet. sweet! (announcer) splenda® with fiber. >> the this is the most delicious thing i've finished. thanks so much for showing us, it's on the blog shall the recipe. >> and also, i


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